Watering cans - professional or traditional types.

True English watering cans made by Haws are hot dip galvanized for long-term corrosion resistance.

Our professional line of metal watering cans can either have a Titanium Silver Colored Galva-Gard Finish or an Epoxy coated galvanized finish and are available in three quart, one or two gallon sizes.

Our traditional line of metal watering cans include...

  • One or two gallon, Titanium Silver Colored Galva-Gard Finish or Epoxy coated watering cans
  • Two gallon Titanium Silver Colored Galva-Gard Finish or an Epoxy/galvanized finish with wooden handle
  • Painted metal indoor watering cans with a tough powder coat paint finish
  • Watering cans with tapered curved spouts (no rose ends) for accurate watering of pots and saucers
  • Painted metal outdoor watering cans with tapered curved spout for accurate watering
  • Copper watering cans for indoor plants - can be polished or left to oxidize to a wonderful antique finish
  • Lightweight watering cans with brass rose and right-angle downspout
  • Heavy duty plastic watering cans in terracotta red - comes with brass ferrules, plastic downspout and all brass oval rose

Thank you for considering The Peas and Corn Company for your purchase. We back our all our watering cans with unparalleled service excellence.

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